Construction Update: River Bluff

River Bluff Construction Update from Outside Construction Manager Matt Knoth:


Wintek Corporation will be installing fiber optic broadband network infrastructure in your neighborhood. Berry-It, our contractor, plans to start working in your area immediately. This work will be performed in your area over an estimated eight-week period. Work will primarily occur Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm. However, some weekend work may be required in order to make up for weather delays.

We will be working in the utility easements or the rights of way for electric and other communications systems. We identify these easements when we are building in a neighborhood and secure the proper authorization from the corresponding utility. You may have an easement on your property. Throughout the construction, you will see representatives from Berry-It, Indiana Dataline and Wintek. Please know you have the right to ask for identification at any time. 

You will begin to see flags in your yard to mark utilities. Please do not remove or alter these marks for the duration of the project. Work will consist of aerial construction for placement of fiber for Internet services, along with underground boring to insert conduits that will contain the fiber. Boring underground will be in common areas and on personal property. Please be aware of construction crews along the roadways. 

As a local company, vested in the Greater Lafayette community, we take care to utilize contractors who understand the importance of treating your property with respect and care. Our fiber constructions crews do their best to disturb your property as little as possible while doing their work. We understand this may be a short-term inconvenience, but look forward to working together to complete the addition of fiber infrastructure in your neighborhood. 

In the event you have any questions or concerns, please contact Wintek's marketing manager, Janet Smith, at or (765) 742-8428.