Construction Update: River Bluff

Our network technicians have been busy scheduling and completing the initial site visits and have just a couple left to complete.  Our team has thoroughly appreciated the hospitality shown to them during this process. 


Phase 1:  The fiber is pulled through the conduit and we are working on completing the construction of the fiber from the backbone to each individual home (lateral builds). 


Phase 2:  The backbone construction is complete.  The next step is to complete the lateral builds. 


Phase 3:  We have 50% of the backbone complete and continue to work on getting this step completed.    


Aerial construction has been completed from Battle Ground to River Bluff.  We also have the fiber hut in place at the entrance, but have not installed any equipment as of yet.  There are many tasks happening off-site as well to prepare and configure equipment, etc.  We know the rain this past weekend helped settle some dirt, so please be assured that towards the end of the project, we will be going through the neighborhood to note any damage that needs repaired as a result of construction.  As always, please do not hesitate to contact Janet Smith, our Marketing Manager, if you have any questions or concerns.