Share your broadband experience with the FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking for first-hand accounts on broadband availability and service quality as part of its broadband Data Collection program. The initiative is an effort to update federal broadband coverage maps that overstate the number of internet providers in partially served areas, which applies to much of Tipmont’s electric footprint.

Previous FCC data stated that 4.4% of Americans don’t have access to high-speed, wired broadband. But the FCCmaps overcount access. If one customer in a census block is served, the FCC assumes every customer is. Federal broadband subsidies that could help accelerateTipmont’s fiber internet build are based on this inaccurate data.

In March 2020, Congress directed the FCC to implement a new mapping system that aims to provide a more accurate picture of broadband availability. You can now share your information directly with the FCC. Please visit and click on the "Share Your Broadband Experience" button.

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© Wintek. All Rights Reserved.