Meadowgate Fiber to the Home Project Completed

August 11, 2017


Welcome to the Fiberhood!  We are excited to announce that our Meadowgate fiber project is now complete and Meadowgate residents are now connected to fast, reliable Internet.  Wintek FTTH service provides each homeowner their own dedicated strand of fiber right to their home.


We would like to thank the Meadowgate residents for their patience and understanding during the construction process. Despite several weather delays and construction delays, we remained relatively on schedule.  


The Meadowgate build was one of our largest construction projects since we started providing residential service several years ago.  It involved:


  • 5,814 feet of aerial fiber installation
  • 10,208 feet of horizontal directional drilling
  • 13,183 feet of vibratory plowing
  • 35 hand holes placed
  • 23,391 feet of fiber

Check out this fun video we made to announce the completion of the Meadowgate project: 

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