Official Statement Explaining Our Outage Today

Here is our official statement explaining the outage that occurred today:

At approximately 11am on 10/9/18, Wintek experienced an Internet outage across its main network core. Right before the outage network engineers were making routine updates related to traffic flows and network efficiency. Upon initial investigation of logs, it was determined that one of the changes triggered a software bug on our core router. This software bug caused core BGP processes to hang. Network engineers worked diligently to identify the issue and start the process to repair BGP functionality. Once repaired, service was restored at approximately 11:46am. We have reached out to Cisco Systems and will be working with their engineers to discuss in more detail the findings that we have and future mitigation steps.

We apologize for any issue this caused. We value your business and we work tirelessly to make sure we are providing the best and most reliable service we can. Please reach out to us at 765-742-8428 or if there are any questions.

Travis Bailey, CEO

Oliver Beers, COO