Purdue Village- URWintek Internet Service

August 16th, 2018

Living in Purdue Village? Make sure you check out our URWintek website. It has all of the latest information about getting your devices connected at Purdue Village.


About URWIntek:


To be eligible to use the URWintek data services you must be a Purdue Village resident and have current Purdue network credentials.

Getting Connected

To get connected to the URWintek wireless network, follow the same process as you would to get connected on campus:

  1. Enable your device’s Wi-Fi connection if it is not already on.
  2. Using your device, locate the name of the Wi-Fi network, “URWintek”.
  3. Select the “URWintek” network and use your Purdue credentials to get connected.

Depending on your device, you may get a one-time security warning about a certificate. Please click accept, trust, or continue as appropriate. To connect a gaming or smart device (e.g. Smart TV’s, Alexa, Apple TV, Roku etc.) please visit our website and follow the instructions listed on the gaming page. 

Note: Chromecast devices do not currently work on the URWintek network.


Visit the URWintek – Purdue Village website www.urwintek.com to find more information on how to get connected to the URWintek wireless network. Still having issues? Complete our online support ticket or, for urgent issues, please call our support line at 765.269.8580.

Issues with your Purdue credentials? Please go to the ITaP website or contact ITaP directly.