Retirement of Steven Van Frank

After a successful career that spans many decades, Steven Van Frank has retired.  


A little bit about Steve:

A Purdue engineer, Steve has over two decades of experience in the computer industry as an entrepreneur and consultant and has worked with the DoD, NASA, and Fortune 500 companies to create solutions to challenging hardware and software problems. As a consultant in the early days of the Internet, Steve helped create what is now Wintek’s Internet services business, and he wrote some of the software tools that we still use today. He joined Wintek full time in 2004 to specialize in network security and wireless technology, and he holds a CCNP certification. Steve is a long-time Lafayette resident and an avid ham radio operator, photographer, and music fan.


Below is a brief history written by Steve Belter (Former Owner of Wintek) of how Steve came to Wintek: 

Steve started a company named Lynxys (pronounced LINK-sis), that designed and built computer peripherals for Control Data Corporation (CDC) mainframe computers, among other things. The products were successful, but the market was small. Wintek at that time had been very successful with its computer-aided design software (smARTWORK and HiWIRE) but was looking for follow-on products. This led Wintek to purchase a majority interest in Lynxys. While Steve continued as president of Lynxys, he was indirectly working for Wintek too. 

Lynxys was eventually successful due to Steve and John Steel’s work. However, as the market for CDC went away, the decision was eventually made to wind down Lynxys. Still having a passion and drive to be in the engineering and technology fields, Steve went into the consulting business. This had its advantages of being less stressful, but still enjoyable.

As Wintek migrated into the Internet business, he ended up working on some consulting projects for Wintek.  Somewhat reminiscent of the Industrial Roundtable event that Steve handles today, he helped Wintek provide the Internet service for a couple of the Farm Progress Shows. There were lots of challenges getting a T-1 line to the middle of a wheat field that was 20-30 miles away from a major town.

Eventually Steve Belter convinced Steve to come work for Wintek full time in late 2004/early 2005.  From there Steve has been instrumental in helping Wintek grow the Cisco consulting business. His efforts and focus related to Cisco security and wireless technologies for customers have been outstanding. Steve has always shown a commitment to make sure the right thing is done as well as approaching each project with the attention to detail that it deserves. 


As Steve embarks on the next exciting journey of his life we wish him nothing but the best, and we appreciate the legacy he has left us here at Wintek.