Routing and Switching

A strong, efficient network is vital to the success of your business. Networks allow everyone in your organization to connect to each other and to other vital stakeholders in your business such as customers and partners. Networks also allow you to connect important applications to the Internet. They allow you to share information and applications easily and keep your business moving toward success. Connecting to the Internet for a webinar, utilizing company software, sharing reports with co-workers, e-mailing your employees and customers, are all ways you use a network to connect. The way we connect continues to evolve and change the way we do business.

Wintek is proud to partner with Cisco to bring you industry-leading, next generation networking technology that provides the flexibility, connectivity, reliability, and security you need to maximize value and transform how your business connects, communicates, and collaborates. Together we offer you the products, expertise, and support needed to deliver a strong, consistent and reliable network.

Routing and Switching

At the heart of your network are switches and routers. They are the building blocks for all business communications. Switches and routers enable the devices in your network to talk with each other as well as other networks.

Switches and Routers support:

  • Sharing applications
  • Speeding access to information
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving security
  • Enabling remote connections


Cisco switching solutions are the cornerstone of the Borderless Network Architecture. Extensible platforms and intelligent services combine to deliver extraordinary business value to networked organizations of all sizes and across all industries. Contact us today to find out how switching solutions and Borderless Networks can provide you with a significant return on your business.


Businesses today want their networks to support all forms of media, as well as new wireless and wired devices. To solve these challenges, networks much contain intelligence and integrate advanced applications into an adaptable, pervasive, and collaborative system. This approach provides:

  • Enhanced productivity through increased video-based collaboration and rich-media services, and optimized application delivery
  • Integrated security, where the network becomes the point of control for preventing and responding to security threats.
  • Mobility that enables the workforce to accelerate decision making and collaborate in real time regardless of location