IP Telephony (VOIP)


The communication environment for businesses is becoming increasingly complex.  Communication today involves a lot more than making a simple phone call.  Today’s business communication relies on an increasingly blended portfolio of collaboration tools, including digital collaboration, mobility, and video.  Wintek can help you navigate the changing world of business communications and partner with you to provide tailored solutions utilizing the right products, applications, and services that will give you a competitive advantage in today’s global economy.

IP Telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony) or VoIP, is a technology that uses your business’s existing Internet connection to make and receive voice calls.  IP Telephony provides the benefits of consistent, reliable, and secure communications services across the spectrum of your entire organization, regardless of location.

Wintek partners with Cisco Systems using their industry leading IP Telephony technology to provide communication systems that connect your people and information, and enable comprehensive and effective collaborative experiences across your organization.  Cisco IP phones give you a variety of features that are easy to use and can meet the needs of your entire organization.  Cisco’s portfolio of products includes:

  • Single-Line and Multi-line VoIP Phones
  • Basic to Full Features IP Phones
  • HD Video Communications
  • Applications from Cisco Developer Partners
  • Your Choice of Deployment Options
  • Centralized Management

Wintek’s knowledgeable network engineers will work with you to understand your business needs and communication goals and then design a secure and scalable solution that is the right size and price for your organization. Contact Wintek today to find out how we can make your business more efficient, collaborative, and flexible.