Fiber to the Home

At Wintek, we are committed to providing fast, reliable internet solutions coupled with exceptional customer support to meet the current and future needs of our customers. Wintek offers Fiber to the HOME (FTTH) to consumers in select areas in the Greater Lafayette Area. We are continually expanding our FTTH network to meet the need for high speed internet in areas that are underserved.

The Need for Speed

It’s simple. Fast, reliable internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Accessing the internet has become one of the most important parts of our daily life. The number of devices and applications that require bandwidth continues to grow. In addition, the average household utilizes multiple devices operating simultaneously on one internet connection.

Not All Fiber Networks Are Created Equally

Wintek offers true Fiber to the Home service which utilizes Active Ethernet. Why is this important? This method of deployment means Wintek customers receive their own dedicated fiber optic line coming directly to your residence, so you aren’t competing with your neighbors for shared bandwidth. This is why our FTTH service offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, and other providers can’t. So feel free to spend the weekend binge watching your favorite Netflix show – your connection is yours and yours alone!

Future Proof Your Network

As innovation continues and the requirements for bandwidth grows, fiber can handle the increasing bandwidth demands. At this time, fiber optic cable has the capacity of handling speeds greater than 100 Gb.

We Are More Than Just Another Service Provider

We are your neighbor. Wintek is and always has been locally owned and operated. At Wintek, we strive to provide you with customized support and education so that you can reap the full potential of your Fiber to the Home service. Unlike the big box commodity internet providers, we can even monitor your home connection 24/7 for status and performance.

When placing a call for support, you will connect directly to one of our local, certified network engineers. There are no frustrating automated attendants or dispatch units to work through. At Wintek, we understand everyone has a busy schedule and we value your time. When a service call is required, our network engineers will schedule an appointment with you and arrive at your home on time. There are no four hour windows of wondering if and when a technician will show up.